Rapid debugging for dev, staging and production

Cut everyday debugging time by hours!

No restarts, redeployment or extra coding needed.

Using Rookout is as easy as inserting a breakpoint, only nothing breaks or stops.

Choose and define rules to collect any data you need by setting non-breaking “breakpoints” in your live code with just a few clicks.

Deliver the data anywhere – to your APM, alerting or logging tools, or just view it in our IDE-like interface.

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Among our customers:

Production-grade debugging

Get full-stack, specific variables, metrics and more from your live code, as it runs in dev, staging, and production.

Pipeline the extracted data anywhere, in real-time, even if you’d never thought about it beforehand or created any instrumentation to collect it.

Cut debugging time by 80%!

Rookout eliminates the burdensome debugging process of writing more code, testing, getting approval and redeploying. Instead, just point & click.

Speed up debugging iterations, and decrease frustration and context switching.

Any cloud, any environment

Our solution supports Python, JVM, and NodeJS on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or on your bare metal.

Enjoy end-to-end security, coupled with a small footprint and negligible performance impact.

Rookout accelerates our dev cycle by helping us release features and fix bugs much more quickly. We now have a clear understanding of how the code behaves in our microservice-oriented architecture.


Nadav Sharir, VP Engineering

We Play with Everyone

Once the data is collected you can send it to any destination, be it your logging, alerting, monitoring, storage application or a generic webhook.

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The Taming of Microservices

How to build a cloud-native CI/CD to simplify your microservices management.

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Debugging Live Lambda

How to debug your live Lambda functions without stopping your serverless app.


Rookout Never Sleeps

Even if you’re being paged, just give Rookout a shout and we’ll be there for you.

We never stop your app, we always expedite your work.